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Girl putting lotion by the tanning bed Happy girl in the tanning bed

Tanning beds in the privacy of your home

Many people are turning to home tanning beds as a way to tan conveniently in the privacy and cleanliness of their own home. We make owning a tanning bed affordable.


If you're looking for home tanning beds, you'll find the best tanning equipment, accessories, and supplies at Lorrison Pools and Spas, Inc, along with our exceptional service and maintenance department.

Using a home tanning bed without tanning increases Vitamin D production, which has been linked to reduced seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression symptoms.

Call today or visit us at one of our convenient locations across the area.


You'll get the same first rate service we give to our pool and spa customers for your tanning bed. Our tanning bed technicians have the training to properly service your tanning bed right in your home.

First rate tanning bed service and maintenance

You'll find that our tanning beds are quite affordable, especially when you compare the cost to yearly tanning salon fees.

A home tanning bed is more affordable than you might think.